We offer a wide range of headphones and gaming headsets, available for PC, Xbox and Playstation.

We are an approved Sennheiser and Panasonic Stockiest and have a large range in store.

Other products such as headphone extensions,  Aux cables, Hifi cables and Optical cables are available.

Below are some of extensive range of Sennheiser headphones we offer, although we do offer a larger range from different manufacturers. For more information please ask in store.


PCX 95 £49.95

Sennheiser's in-ear neckband design, delivering detailed, bass driven sound with amazing depth and extension. 

 Powerful bass-driven stereo sound

Enhanced passive noise isolation

Optimised for portable audio

Single-sided anti-friction cable for convenient handling

Ear adaptors for a personalised fit

Sennheiser PCX 95

RS 165 £155

A superb digital wireless headphone system for movie watching and music that offers an ergonomic, closed, circumaural design that reduces background noise, while providing an exceptionally comfortable fit. Easy to use and intuitive, the RS 165's multi-purpose transmitter simply needs to be connected to your home audio or entertainment system. 

Closed, circumaural headphones 

Excellent digital wireless audio transmission

Vibrant sound with selectable bass boost mode

Smartly designed controls for ease-of-use

Ergonomic design for enhanced wearing comfort

RS 165

HDR 165 £110

Additional / replacement headphones for the RS 165 digital wireless headphones system. 

HDR 165

GSP 350 £110

Delivering an ultra-immersive experience for PC gamers thanks to Sennheiser's high-end acoustid technology and incredible 7.1 Dolby Surround Sound, the GSP 350 lets you advance to the next level in gaming realism. 

Powered by Sennheiser's high-end acoustic technology, which delivers Dolby 7.1 Surround Sound via a sleek and intuitive Surround Dongle

Features memory foam ear pads that offer a best-in-class acoustic seal for excellent passive noise attenuation

An excellent fit inspired by aviation featuring a cleverly hinged and adjustable split headband that reduces pressure for enhanced comfort

Clever ball-joint hinge that makes it easy to perfectly angle the speakers to suit your face shape

Includes a sleek and intuitive new Surround Dongle for PC to quickly toggle between stereo and Dolby 7.1 Surround Sound

Sennheiser's elegant, intuitive software interface tailors the experience to each gamer, their game, or their surroundings 

The GSP 350 is equipped with a broadcast quality noise-cancelling microphone that minimises background noise and a short boom arm that cuts out breathing sound for clearer in game communication. To mute, simply lift the boom arm!

Durability and reliability are secured by the use of high-quality materials and extensive product testing

GSP 350
GSP 350

RS 120 £85

The RS 120 wireless headphones not only opens you to a world of true freedom of movement but also, breathes new life into audio with its sleek design. Its detailed, balanced sound reproduction coupled with strong bass response makes it an ideal choice for all types of music TV applications.

 Open back design 

Compact docking station 

Easy on-ear controls

Open, stereo, superaaural, wireless RF headphone system

Detailed, analytical sound reproduction with strong bass response

 Suitable for all types of modern music and TV applications

Wireless freedom with reception though walls and ceilings

Range of up to 100 metres

Control elements conveniently positioned to provide easy, intuitive operation

 Transmitter with metal cradle for storing and recharging the headphones

Very lightweight headphones, extremely comfortable to wear

RS 120