The Orbitsound M9 and M9LX are compact in size and produce a full, balanced and detailed audio experience. 

Orbitsound M9 Soundbar

* Compact 30cm footprint

* Engineered wood with airSOUND™

* Bluetooth, optical and AUX inputs

* Wireless(M9) 2.4g Subwoofer

M9LX - £199

2 Year Warranty

Ask for an in-store demo


The Orbitsound M9 is an ultra compact soundbar and slimline wireless subwoofer that combines massive audio power and high definition sound with British designed simplicity, elegance and technology. It’s the biggest sound from a small package available today.

For TV sound, or enjoying music and media from phones or tablets, the M9 delivers a room filling audio experience. Rich in detail with crisp highs and warm yet controllable bass, the M9 is a music and TV lover’s dream.

The M9 is at home anywhere. With it’s high quality, high gloss wood and metal construction and minimal footprint, the M9 is well and truly heard, and not seen.


The Orbitsound airSOUND Bar M9 is available in 2 versions. The M9 has a wireless subwoofer and a metal magnetically attaching grille on the front panel. The M9LX has a wired subwoofer and a cloth grille.


The AIRSOUND BAR A70 is Orbitsound's flagship soundbar with wireless subwoofer. 

The A70 is Orbitsound’s flagship airSOUND™ Bar. Compact, stylish and extremely powerful. Perfect for clear dialogue on TV, music streaming, or a thrilling movie experience.

Orbitsound airSOUND BAR A70

·Ultra High Definition sound 

·Bluetooth with aptX & NFC 

·Wireless Subwoofer 

·Remote Control Learning


£499.95 Now £399.95

Save £100

A New Class of Enjoyment in Sound

At Orbitsound, we have been perfecting our revolutionary airSOUND™ technology for 10 years. Our passion for sonic perfection has brought us to the A70, 2 years in the making, and delivering the highest fidelity audio yet achieved from an airSOUND™ soundbar. The A70 features ultra-high definition sound, sleek design and smart

usability to your home; the perfect match for the new generation of Ultra HD TVs. Wall or table mounted, the A70 looks subtle and unobtrusive. Turn it on, and it plays an incredible audio track for your life.

Sound that moves and is clearly understood

The A70 generates a breathtaking soundscape for movies and music because of its class leading audio capability and our own airSOUND™ technology. Dialogue is crystal clear and easily understood by design; a point source, high definition centre channel that delivers superb speech and musical detail. As a result, the A70 sounds superb with all kinds of media, at any volume level, making your TV, films, music and media audibly clear and impressive throughout your living space. Whether you want to enjoy a movie experience or music with friends, or to clearly understand dialogue on your TV, the A70 will deliver this from a single discreet soundbar box and wireless subwoofer.

Simple Touch to Play

Approach the A70 with your NFC enabled phone or tablet, and the A70 will automatically pair and ready itself for streamed audio with the highest quality audio standards available today. One touch is all you need to enjoy incredible audio streamed from your favourite app, e.g. Spotify, iPlayer, Amazon Video, Youtube, etc. Touching source changes the A70 back to optical, the preferred audio input for TV use.

A Design that expresses airSOUND™

Our British airSOUND™ technology means that you don't need to sit in the stereo sweetspot to hear perfect audio balance and depth; with its side firing neodymium airSOUND™ speakers, the A70 fills your room with spatial detail; Great sound can be enjoyed from anywhere. This audio technology is clearly expressed in the design that is crafted from engineered wood; hand finished and acoustically treated.